Integrating the Inner Teenager

This 90min live workshop is designed to integrate aspects of our inner child into consciousness. The Inner Teen offers powerful insight into our relationships, boundaries, control issues, personal power and creative potential. 

Participants will be led through about 25 minutes of gentle movement to connect with the muscles of the core and calm the nervous system. - - ALL LEVELS WELCOME - - Then we work through a process of connection that includes writing and breathwork. You will leave with a new awareness of an powerful source of potential and energy that resides with you. 

Participants are encouraged to join live, but a recording will be available for download as well. You will also have access to a printable worksheet to assist you in practicing this process on your ow

Once enrolled you will be sent a Zoom link. 


Improve boundaries and self-esteem in relationships

Personal Power

Stoke power for self-actualization

Creative Potential

Tap into a well of dynamic creative energy

April 25 1:00pm EST (90 minutes)

Limited Class Size - Save your Seat